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Choosing your own colour has never been easier, here is how it’s done step by step:

Colourcard is provided for the customer The customer chooses the desired colour code Machine operator will then enter the colour code into the colour creation machine Atfer the dispensing of colourants and mixing of the paint,your product is ready to be used

1-Choose which surface you would like to paint. This is important because then we can decide which paint best suits our surface.2- Calculate how much paint you need, taking into consideration that NIPPON paints have a much higher hiding power than competitors, so you may need less paint than you initially think.

2-Choose your colour. For interior surfaces take into consideration the mood you would like to set in the space, as well as your own taste. For exterior application use colours which are UV resistant, so the colour doesn’t change over time.

3-Choose which packaging you want your paint in. Most professional users will prefer larger packaging to save money on their project, home owners can choose any size they want for easier application and more mobility.

4-Machine operator will then enter the colour code into the machine, and the machine will quote the customer the price for this shade and packaging of paint.

5-Once the customer agrees with the price, then the operator can create the paint in 2 minutes with a press of a button.

6-Once the paint is tinted, it will need to be put into the mixer for the whole paint to be pigmented and coloured evenly. This process takes another 1-2 minutes.

7-After the dispensing of colourants and mixing of the paint, your product is done and ready to be used.

Benefits of tinting color system  :

1-Computer tinting system is when a computer is used with an automatic color data base to calculate the amount of colorant needed to achieve the desired shade of color. Once the computer calculates this then the user has a choice of dispensing the colorant into the base paint, and then after a good mix, the paint will be in the desired color of the customer.

2-Using this wonderful system, the customer can receive their truly customized color in minutes, at the lowest price possible. The cost of reaching a specific shade through this system is considerably lower than if a painter tries to manually reach this shade using stainers. The customer can truly benefit from this system, because there is no danger in over buying. For example if the customer finishes their paint before their project is complete they can easily buy more paint with the same shade using the given code.

3-The shop owner who has this machine at their disposal can benefit from this machine because they do not need to keep different colors in stock in case someone wants to buy it. They will need to only hold base paints in their inventory which can be turned into any shade. This reduces the costs of keeping products for a long time in their inventory, and allows them to keep their inventory levels low.

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