How To Choose Colour

Use this colour wheel to understand the play of colours and select the prefect match of colours that suit your home.


This scheme uses one single colour in combination with any or all its hues, tints and shades. This is ideal to create a cosy, relaxing and soothing ambience.

Adjacent / Analogous

This scheme uses any shade, tint and tone of colours that are within 90 degrees on the wheel. It is used to create a harmonious and subtle effect that is pleasing to the eyes.


This scheme uses colours that are directly opposite on the colour wheel. When used together, they evoke a contrasting combination of cool and warm colours.


This scheme is the combination of 3 colours that form a triangle on the colour wheel. These colours intensify each other and create a lively and vibrant theme. To avoid the colours from competing with each other, use this scheme carefully by always selecting one dominant colour.

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